You can easily connect to the Thess-ix Internet Exchange Point in just a few steps. On this page we will show you the necessary steps and requirements. There are two ways to connect to the Thess-ix. Physically at KLH-GSN-DC Thessaloniki  Data Center or via tunnel on top of your Internet connection.

  • 1. Check and decide on a connection type. 
  • 2. Create a free user account.
  • 3. Confirm your Account and update your ASN Details.
  • 4. Add a new Peer to get an IPv6 and optional an IPv4 Address from our Peering Network.
  • 5. Create a tunnel if you are not already locally at one of our points of presence.
  • 6. Add your Prefixes you want to export to other Peers.
  • 7. Configure your BGP Sessions to the Route Server and optional to other Peers.